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Hi, my name is Richard Duszczak and I am a freelance cartoonist. And yes, I am also an illustrator.

Let me tell you something about being an illustrator. My job as an illustrator entails me to create images that will accompany a body of article or story. This is because graphical elements, like drawings and such, enhance the way the brain understands the narrative of the writer. It also makes reading a fun activity, with images that visualizes some of the things described and allows some visual interest for the eyes to feast on.

Cartoon book cover design of Hansel and Gretel's house made from sweets. Littel old witch in the background rubbing her hands.


As an illustrator, I have worked with several publishing companies to design and create covers for books…

Needless to say, the images I created are not only colorful but also represent the entire material appropriately. Ever experienced picking up a book, being intrigued by its cover, only to find out that nowhere in the text is obviously related to it and you have to crack your noggin to understand what the image means? Well, being an illustrator, I take it as my job to create covers that publishers will like and the target market can relate to in a jiffy. I have also worked as an illustrator for children’s books and I can honestly say that I always cherish this part of my profession.

cartoon book cover design of two super kids Sam and Sammy fly into the air like Superman and Superwoman. Lush green vegetation in the background and also cartoon mountains and volcano


Call Richard if you need cartoons or illustrations on 01246 209034 or email


Most of the books I created images for are educational and instructional ones. Therefore, I strive to make my works as simple yet interesting as possible, to be able to make them effective learning tools. As an illustrator for children’s book, I am also conscious of the fact that I need to make images that are age-appropriate and that catering to different age groups means varying my illustration styles a bit.

book cover cartoon design of Lights Camera Action. Bunch of cartoon kids who are film making.


I have also had the pleasure of being the illustrator for instructional materials


on varied subjects and themes. I have happily taken on the challenge of creating something easily understandable for readers to follow and may I say that I have never disappointed any client. I have tackled works for pre-school children and for adult students taking language lessons. The latter is particularly challenging in that I have to translate a foreign word into visualizations or images in order for the students to really understand and assimilate its meaning.

cartoon illustration for Mr.Humbug book cover. The Grim Reaper has come to see him with bright lantern

fuuny cartoon illustration for a book cover titled Out Of This world. Cartoon aliens and children from Earth dressed in space suits.


Though I work with humor in most of the images I created, I take my job as an illustrator very seriously. This is because I view an illustrator as a communicator, effective only when the messages and ideas conveyed in its completed works are easily understood by its target viewer.

Working with me, clients not only get to tap into my extensive background as an illustrator, but also of the understanding I have of the profession and its nuances. Over the years I have developed and maintained a high working standard and consistently drawn quality images that are according to the precise instructions of the client. In my book, there is no other way to be what I am, a long-time illustrator and clearly loving every minute of it.

cartoon book cover design for a musical play titled Santa's On Strike. Santa claus cartoon hloding a big sign saying he's on strike. Santa's elves and reindeer look on all wondering what's going to happen.” width=”500″ height=”703″ border=”0″ />



Call Richard if you need cartoons or illustrations on 01246 209034 or email

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