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Cartoon Maps | Cartoonist For Hire

Cartoon Maps

Cartoon Maps….Most of you might not be familiar with the term cartoon maps but might have actually encountered them several times already. By definition, a cartoon map is an illustrated map of a certain place, be it a city or a town.

Cartoon Map for aMaizin Park in Jersey Channel Isles. An all inclusive park with many activities including towering toboggan, water warriors, gold mine, barnyard and numerous go-kart tracks.

The difference of cartoon maps from all the other kinds of maps is that they contain caricatures and illustrations of landmarks, cartoon people, cartoon transportation, and everything in between. Call Richard ‘The Cartoon Map man’ on 01246 209034 or email: rd@cartoonstudio.co.uk Cartoon maps are meant to catch and hold the attention of its target audience with its colorful illustrations and funny, sometimes witty, depiction of events or situations.

Cartoon Map for American Adventure Theme Park illustrating various rides that included Black Hole, The Missle, Rocky Mountain Rapids, Supa Karts, Yankee Clipper, Flying Island to mention a few. Cartoon maps are powerful advertisement materials. Because they are fun, colorful, and non-threatening, people respond to them positively. A good cartoon map also entertains its viewers while making its message stick to their memory for a long while. For those who want to attract attention to their business or service, cartoon maps can provide the ideal solution.

I have had ample experience in making cartoon maps. I have designed some pretty simple ones and some huge, complex ones. And I have dealt with all kinds of people from varied industries and sectors. This has allowed me the flexibility to cater to whatever creative demands the client has.

Cartoon Map for a festival. Illustrating where the bars, toilets, arts, car parks, entrance, camping facilities and crafts centre is. As usual, the process starts with the client telling me all that they need me to do. They do this by sending me a brief, detailing me with all every specifications they want. Cartoon maps may be built around a central theme or a central place, or might just feature several businesses that need to be promoted. Random activities may also be depicted, to provide humor or visual interest, whichever the client specifies

Cartoon Map of France illustrating landmarks and regions. Big French flag coming out of it. Produced for The Language Stickers Company as an educational tool in schools. Depending on the complexity and size of the project, I will make the preliminary sketches on the soonest time possible. The client gets the first look and may ask to tweak a detail or two. When approval for the whole image is given, the final product is made and delivered.

Cartoon Map for a Fun Run around London – illustrating London landmarks and the route of the Fun Run. The advantage of making cartoon maps is the seemingly infinite possibilities derive from it. Apart from observing relative accuracy of landmark and street placements, virtually anything can be done and included in it. Clients can choose to make caricatures of people they wished to be emphasized in their cartoon maps. Illustrations depicting business goals or organization goals can also be done.

Cartoon Map For London Fun Run – illustrating landmarks and tube stations, more details roads which were later removed to simplify the map. See the one above for the finished result. Cartoon maps can be informative or downright funny, depending on whatever concept or message the client wishes to be conveyed. Cartoon maps may contain texts to further enhance its informative quality or none at all.

Cartoon Map for Access Around old Hill – illustrating Old Hill Common is one of a network of common, woodland, country park and open space sites available for you to enjoy. This land is managed for conservation and informal recreation by the London Borough of Bromley. As promotional strategy goes, cartoon maps are not only effective, they are also cheap compared to traditional promotions. They don’t take weeks to plan and finish. It is because of this affordability and convenience that has made cartoon maps quite popular when it comes to visual promotions.

Cartoon Map for Pipeline To Success! Cartoon of pipeline going around Scotland. Used as a business measure performance wall map. Illustrating various managers with personalised caricatures. Having long-term experience in this profession has also allowed me to produce high quality products. This means no confusing or ambiguous image or illustration. You will truly get what you pay for, and more. I can guarantee a product that not only draws eyes but maintains the viewer’s interest, too.

Cartoon map of Spain showing borders to France, Portugal and also a small piece of Africa. Illustrations of various Spanish landmarks.

Cartoon Map – Wedding Map – to help guests get to the church, then from the church to the reception

Cartoon Map – Getting To Know Your Community! Cartoon map of Avondale Grange Ward showing various activities that take place in the area. These are earmarked on the map and then illustrated with small informative boxes around the map.

“Hire a cartoonist”, to create and draw cartoon maps call:

Richard on 01246 209034 or email rd@cartoonstudio.co.uk