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“Find a cartoonist”, one that supplies a stress free service!

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For me, drawing cartoons is a fun business, but for you, finding the right cartoonist for a project is a really serious one. The difference between a good cartoonist and a bad one is – a bad one means a more stressful time for you.

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Here are some benefits you will get from working with a good one!

* The number 1 aim is to make you look extremely good in your clients eyes and to get their 100% approval on any project – that’s the Cartoon Studio’s philosophy!

cartoon of a client looking at cartoons "You did a great job on these!"

* You will work with a cartoonist with 25 years experience, so you can be confident that you and your clients satisfaction is always the aim.

* You’ll be working with someone who knows exactly what they’re doing, which will make your life easier and as stress free as possible.

Cartoon of a beginning cartoonist - I think I can do the project. He's got books on the subject.

* You get a very fast turnaround on projects – miracles can’t be achieved, but given a reasonable deadline it will be met or in most cases get completed before time giving you some breathing space.

cartoon of a cartoonist who is really fast. He's crossing the finishing line with your project

* You also get unlimited revisions until you and your client is happy. (But I do have to charge extra for work not originally agreed to or changes to briefs.)

a cartoonist on the phone to a client. Change this and change that - no problem!

* You will be commissioning someone whose goal is to produce dynamic, eye catching images that you will be proud to have represent you, your company or your clients!

* With creativity as the backbone of your personal and profession lifestyle, full responsibility will be taken for ensuring that everybody walks away completely satisfied. Clients frequently return, time and time again, for their cartooning needs. That’s because The Cartoon Studio not only produces outstanding ideas and cartoons, but are implement at the highest professional level. Browse through the web site, where you will surely notice the commitment to excellence.

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* The main benefit and plus point for you is that I really enjoy my work, if fact I love it! I wouldn’t have been able to jump out of bed at the crack of dawn everyday for the last 25 years if I didn’t! And this shows in my commitment to complete projects to you and your clients satisfaction.

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Contact Richard at The Cartoon Studio Tel: +44 (0)1246 209034 Email:

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