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Your search stops right here if you are looking to “hire a cartoonist“! Hi, I am Richard Duszczak, professional freelance cartoonist, with over 30 years experience, available as a cartoonist for hire here.

Things you might like to “hire a cartoonist” for

You can “hire a cartoonist” to provide cartoon maps  for giving directions to your Business, function wedding or for advertising, editorial & promotional use or for use as an informational  or educational “cartoon map”.

cartoon map to help visitors find their way around Choteau in the USA. The cartoon map illustrate local shops, hotels, motels and places to visit.

You might like to hire a cartoonist to provide you with cartoons for greetings cards. I also write humorous gags for cards, mugs and t-shirts. I can work on existing card ranges adding freshness to them.humorous greetings card design for a DAD birthday. Cartoon of dad opening a card and money falling out of it

You might be looking for a cartoonist to illustrate a presentation. You can brief me on the cartoons you require or let me have a look at the parts you want illustrating and I’ll do some sketches for you to choose from.

You may have been searching for a cartoonist to illustrate a fun cartoon map for your theme park, festival, shopping mall or wedding invite. Why have a boring serious map when you can have a fun filled colourful one for your customers/guests!?

Cartoon map for Shrewsbury Folk Festival, map illustrating car parks, music attrition tents/stages, toilet and showering facilities

You could hire a cartoonist to provide cartoons for a health and safety campaign. Remember a cartoon can highlight possible dangers – so they can literally save life or limb!

health and safety cartoon highlighting safety hazards in a hall used for a Multiple Sclerosis Society gathering/charity event.

You can hire a cartoonist when you need cartoons or caricatures for a special occasion i.e: leaving present, wedding invite, birthday present or web site graphics. You just supply some photos and a description and I’ll do the rest.

personalised caricature drawn from photos of golfing buddies all in golf carts, titled Beware of Burglars.

If you want a cartoonist with 30 years experience to relieve the stress and solve your problems you’re on the right site!

stress cartoon, guy talking to boss in office, life is pretty stressful at the bottom as well Find a freelance cartoonist for hire, 4.0 out of 10 based on 3 ratings

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