Cartoons enhance your presentations!

A public speaker facing a crowd knows that humor is a great way to capture the audience. Cartoons are a great way of adding humor to a presentation and they also work as great ice breakers. Cartoons for presentations are good tools that bring in the visual aspect of the presentation and make it easier for listeners to grasp what is being presented to them better. It also works to break the monotony that comes with reading text about a given topic.

Cartoons for presentations make lasting impressions in the mind of the people listening. Placement of the cartoon is also important. A person should ask someone more experienced to help place the cartoon in the right section of the presentation to make sure that its relevant.

Cartoons also give the speaker the opportunity to gather their thoughts before continuing the speech. There are different types of cartoons for presentations that one can use they can be black and white or colored, with captions or with text within the cartoon. Cartoons can also act as references to printed materials supplied to the audience prior to the presentation. A great way to stand out from the crowd and make something new is by hiring a cartoonist.

Cartoons for presentations!

One of a series of cartoons used in a slide presentation….You supply the information or speech and I’ll supply the cartoons! (If you look closely you can see the presenters notes in grey at the bottom of the cartoons. Quite helpful!?

Cartoon of motor connected to a computer. 'Vision' cartoon character stood at computer which has the same motor on the screen

Have you ever made a speech or presentation in front of a crowd? When all eyes are on you? Well you could relieve some of the pressure(Glaring eyes on you) with some cartoon slides. Your audience would then be looking at those and not so much on you.

Cartoon of European Commission flag and eight small cartoon characters explaining who are involved in the commission.

Cartoons, cartoon strips and even caricatures can be of great help in the communication with the audience — once a little humour is injected, the point is easier to make and the message becomes clearer and is better understood. The audience will pay closer attention to details or points you want to get across. And you’ll be a hit for sure!

Cartoon titled 'Here's To Success!' Beach scene of sexy woman running along with a bunch of work colleagues chasing her. Beach ball, seagull. Cartoon for slide presentation. Boxed title 'The Future - What we strive for!' Cartoon of lady relaxing and being wafted and waited on by two hunks. Split scene cartoon of robot doing all the work.
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