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Spot the hazards cartoon –¬†Restaurant and Kitchen health and safety…

Restaurant and Kitchen health and safety - spot the hazards cartoon. Hazards in a restaurant kitchen and restaurant. Numerous health and safety hazards in this restaurant kitchen cartoon. Poster size cartoon

This cartoon is poster size A2 which is 59.4cm wide x 42cm deep. Ideal for training staff/colleagues to be more safety conscious.

Some of the health and safety hazards include: eggs out of date and rotting/dripping, smoking in non smoking area, chemicals stored in restaurant, fire extinguisher not in right place, cables across walk way – trip hazard, customer hand bag with trip hazard, piles of dirty food plates, dirty cutlery on floor, overloaded electrical socket, waiter walking with pile of plates while on mobile/cellphone, customer with foot struck causing trip hazard, loose floor tile trip hazard, waitress in large high heels, cleaning equipment left out and food left on restaurant floor….but there’s plenty more!

You can purchased a licence for the ‘Restaurant and Kitchen health and safety’ cartoon at my sister web site:

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How many health and safety hazards can you spot in this restaurant kitchen?, 10.0 out of 10 based on 1 rating

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