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How Motivational Cartoons Can Inspire YOU, Your Staff Or Sales Team

…and could even make you rich!

 Call Richard if you need motivational cartoons or illustrations on 01246 209034 or email

  • Encourage you to take action towards your dream – they’re visual
    reminders! Bespoke motivational cartoons can be drawn to yourspecific needs.
  • Inspire you to carry on when you feel like packing it all in.
  • Strong funny visual cartoon images aid the retention of a message.
  • They say a picture speaks a thousand words – a positive one will
    speak two thousand!
  • Help motivate you to get to the top of your league in which ever
    sport you strive to do well in… soccer
  • A fun way to help and inspire you on your way to your goal.
  • Your subconscious mind prefers simple pictures – cartoons will
    help fix a vivid detailed inspiring image in your mind.
  • When sales are down and you need a lift back up, the training cartoon
    images will give you the motivation to try again…and again…and again!

    Motivational cartoon of guy running along with a briefcase in one hand. He's saying "I'm putting people in work! People depend on me to sell!
  • They can brighten/liven up your sales presentation or your speech
  • Serious messages (ie: safety cartoons and training cartoon strips.)can
    be illustrated, points can be put across in a funny way.
  • If you stay positive and focused true success will come and the
    cartoon motivators will help you stay focused and positive.
  • Send colleagues a motivational greetings card to give them a
    gee-up, to show you care, that you’re right behind them – evenwhen they are selling 100’s of miles away.
  • When you’ve lost out in love or lost a job/contract, you can either give
    up or bounce back. Cartoon Motivators positive cartoons and cartoonstrips are here to help you bounce back.
  • Adding amusing images to your affirmations. Whatever you believe
    in you can achieve – these will help you BELIEVE!
  • Motivational posters and postcards to keep your staff, sales team and
    colleagues motivated and inspired.
  • I can even sit in on your workshop/seminar and illustrate the main points
    which then can be given to the delegates as ‘memorable’ handouts.

Call Richard if you need motivational cartoons or illustrations on 01246 209034 or email

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