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How to use cartoons to engage employees and convey critical messages

In the modern digital World in which we live, experts have estimated that when you add up all of the Facebook messages, advertising slogans, tweets and articles the average person is bombarded with a staggering amount of data every single day. With such a huge amount of information being unloaded onto a person, they may be missing the vital most important messages which have a direct effect on not only their well-being, but also your bottom line. Smart and innovative business leaders are using new techniques to send their message to employees and make sure the important information gets through. This method follows the saying “A picture is worth a thousand words”.

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Why are cartoons an effective way to convey critical messages?

Cartoons can give in a glance what text would take time in being read and processed by the employee. Certain subjects which are important for your employees to receive may be lost when you try to deliver it through text. Things such as the importance of health checks or well-being programs being offered by your company can be completely ignored by staff as they do not want to sit and read through a document during their busy work day. At a company, Jergens, the management were having a hard time communicating this information to their employees. However, when we suggested the use of cartoons and sent across some examples – the employees were soon discussing the programs with interest, and the cartoons were the basis of the conversations. It was a new and fun way for them to digest the information in an environment where so much information is flowing readily.

Cartoons are best suited for conveying messages which are otherwise drab and boring – but contain important information which every employee should read. Things like health and well-being, retirement plans and pension vesting are all important topics which can often go ignored by the average employee. Use a whiteboard animation cartoon to brighten up these topics and get the information noted.

You will notice how effective your cartoons are by the number of click-through you get or the amount of time your employees are spending viewing the cartoon. Over time you will see these results materialise in the form of a decrease in health care costs and changes in employee behaviour. You can do a few test runs before settling on a perfect cartoon to make sure you get the very best your business deserves.

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