When commissioning or hiring a cartoonist you must choose only two out of the three options.

triangle cartoon with captions FAST, CHEAP and Good

Good+Fast = Expensive! Choose this and I’ll postpone every other project on my drawing board, my round of golf or give up my footy match ticket and work day and night to get your job done. It WILL NOT BE CHEAP though!

Good+Cheap = Slow Choose good and cheap and I’ll still do a great job at a discounted price. But you’ll have to be patient while I fit you in after my higher paying clients, updating my web site, going down the gym, my footy matches, rounds of golf and liquid lunches!

Fast+Cheap = Inferior Choose this option at your peril. It will still be delivered on time but it will be inferior, I’ll cut as many corners as possible. Will probably draw it black/white without any colour. You know the saying ‘You get what you pay for!’ The least favorable option in my opinion!

For a professional job email Richard or call +44 07951 929 836

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